Daniela Trujillo Moon76 It’s a collaborative work method that unites brilliant minds from different industries in order to take on complex challenges and present a solution prototype in 76 hours. If you want to see more about this project, visit the website: Role:  Web Designer. Tools: Photoshop, Aftereffects, WordPress and Elementor Pro.ón-de-pantalla-2022-08-15-a-las-9.32.38-p.m..movón-de-pantalla-2022-08-15-a-las-9.34.12-p.m..movó


Daniela Trujillo Naperville Fire Department App App created for the Naperville Fire Department, located in Illinois, USA.
This app was created to make fire fighters’ lives easier and more organized. Role:  UI/UX. Tools: Illustrator and Figma.


Daniela Trujillo Awakening A small healthy breakfast restaurant, with a mystic mood and a very casual concept. Role: Conceptualization and Branding. Tools: Hand Sketch, Illustrator y Photoshop.

Uman Project

Daniela Trujillo Uman Project Marine Giovannini lead this project, she is a coach and a reiki practitioner. Role: Branding and Web Designer. Tools: Photoshop, Figma, Illustrator, WordPress and Elementor Pro.

Manos de maíz

Daniela Trujillo Manos de maíz Online Store that sells mexican clothes in Spain. Role:  Branding. Tools: Hand Sketch, Illustrator y Photoshop.

El taller de los detalles

Daniela Trujillo El taller de los detalles introduccion A project led by Naiara Osquilla which combines her passion for flowers and taste for details. Inside this site, Naiara offers her wedding planning services, in which every detail is minutely cared for and through her good taste, the couples will see Naiara’s marvellous vision reflected on […]

More Marker

Daniela Trujillo More Marker More Marker’s Spinner & Squeezer – a dynamic duo that can help save your markers from the trash and keep that ink flowing longer. Role:  Branding Tools: Illustrator


Daniela Trujillo Galopina / Casa Silvestre Galopina is a house that was dreamed and designed to inspire you, give you serenity, help you return to your origins and to let you be embraced by nature. Dreamt and created to listen to the wind, trees, birds. Role: Branding and Web Designer. Tools: Photoshop, Figma, Illustrator, WordPress and […]

Blissful Goods

Daniela Trujillo Blissful Goods Cannabis brand. Role:  Branding and packaging design. Tools: Illustrator and photoshop.

Alex Raduan

Daniela Trujillo Alex Raduan Alex Raduan is a photographer currently based in Paris. The center of his work is the people represented mainly through intimate portraits. Everyday life continues to be a source of inspiration where people are captured in their natural context. Role: Web Designer. Tools: Photoshop, Figma, WordPress and Elementor Pro.